Section 1b Lesson 1 My Head Is A Jungle - Narrative


Watch the above music video and make notes between each screening focusing on

Roland Barthes: semiotic, cultural, enigma, action and symbolic narrative codes.
Mise en scene
Goodwin's theory: amplification, illustration, disjuncture.
Vernallis' theory: editing matches the music, editing matches the beat, fragmented 'narrative'.
Allan Rowe: “Narrative involves the viewer in making sense of what is seen, asking questions of what we see and anticipating the answers. In particular, narrative invites us to ask both what is going to happen next and when and how will it all end. Narrative operates on the tension between our anticipation of likely outcomes drawn from genre conventions and the capacity to surprise or frustrate our expectations.”
Intertextual references

TASK 2 - Deadline: 13 W end of lesson period 4 Wednesday LZD.

Using the video above, answer the question below on lined paper.   

In Question 1(b) you must write about one of your media coursework productions.
Apply the concept of narrative to one of your coursework productions. [25 marks]

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