Section 1b Lesson 6 Audience

Analyse one of your media texts using audience theory. [25 marks]

Top Tips

P1. Always define the theory first - for audience establish what was the original belief - Blumer (Mass audience) and how we now have an active audience theory which operates through the decoding process of mode of address as well as an ethnographic approach.

P2. Identify your audience and what use/gratification they would take from the text - ensure you give multiple examples. Link this to UK tribes data.

P3. Apply active audience theory and give the preferred, oppositional and negotiated readings of your text - ensure you give multiple examples.

P4. Apply the ethnographic model (domestic, cultural and technological) to your text. Comment on the impact of where your text is available on the audience it would attract (domestic). Comment on what cultural knowledge (this links to Genre) you audience would need in order to understand your text. Comment on whether your audience would be information rich or information poor.

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