Section 1a Skills development lesson 3 - Conventions of Real Media Texts

Today's lesson 13W and 13X

Today you have ONE hour to: print off and annotate your AS magazine cover, contents and dps. Scan it using the photocopier AND then upload it to these folders


2 - SCAN

1. Print off your AS Magazine Cover, Contents and Double Page spread and then ANNOTATE with the following

Block quote: A long quotation - four or more lines - within body text, that is set apart in order to clearly distinguish the author’s words from the words that the author is quoting.
Byline: A journalist's name at the beginning of a story.
Caption: An identification (title) for an illustration, usually a brief phrase. The caption should also support the other content..
Centre of visual interest (CVI): The prominent item on a page usually a headline, picture or graphic.
Column: A regular feature often on a specific topic, written by the same person who is known as a columnist.
Column gutter: The space between columns of type.
Copy: Main text of a story.
Cropping: the elimination of parts of a photograph or other original that are not required to be printed. Cropping allows the remaining parts of the image to be enlarged to fill the space.
Deck: Part of the headline which summarises the story. Also known as deck copy or bank.
Drop cap: a large initial letter at the start of the text that drops into the line or lines of text below.
Filler: extra material used to complete a column or page, usually of little importance.
Flush left: copy aligned along the left margin.
Flush right: copy aligned along the right margin.
Golden ratio: the rule devised to give proportions of height to width when laying out text and illustrations to produce the most optically pleasing result. Traditionally a ratio of 1 to 1.6.
Headline: The main title of the article. Should be in present or future tense to add to urgency. Must fit the space provided. If it doesn’t, you are using the wrong words.
Masthead: Main title section and name at the front of a publication.
Negative space (or white space): the area of page without text, image or other elements
Orphan: First line of a paragraph appearing on the last line of a column of text. Normally avoided.
Overline: introductory headline in smaller text size above the main headline
Pull quote: A brief phrase (not necessarily an actual quotation) from the body text, enlarged and set off from the text with rules, a box, and/or a screen. It is from a part of the text set previously, and is set in the middle of a paragraph, to add emphasis and interest
Talkie headline: a quote from one of the people in the story used as a headline
Top heads: Headlines at the top of a column.
Wob: White text on a black or other coloured background

NEED HELP? Look at these examples

2. Go to the photocopier, SCAN IT IN

3. 13 W Upload to this folder
4. 13 V upload to this folder

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