Section 1b Lesson 1 - Narrative task

All texts have a 'narrative', as media producers you construct these narratives using certain tools. Here are some of the tools which you will have used to construct and which your audience will have used to decode.

Task 1

Print screen FIVE  shots from your music video
Shot 1 MUST be the establishing shot for your video
Shot 5 MUST be the final shot of your video

The other 3 shots MUST contain at least one shot from your songs chorus.

Task 2

Annotate each image identifying as many of the following as possible, ensure you briefly explain HOW and WHY this is an example of the code.

Roland Barthes narrative codes.

The Enigma code is a question within the narrative which must be answered

The Action code is an event in the narrative which means a further action will occur.

These first codes are reliant on ‘time’, they only work if you read a book or view a filmtemporally, i.e. from beginning to end. 

The next three codes tend to work "outside the constraints of time" and are, therefore, more properly reversible, which is to say that there is no necessary reason to read the instances of these codes in chronological order to make sense of them in the narrative.

The cultural code is an element within a narrative which can only be decoded if you are a member of the culture responsible for creating the text

The symbolic code is an element within a narrative which represents a political, moral or symbolic point

The semantic code is an element of a text which has both a literal meaning and a series of associated meanings (e.g. a drum kit is a drum kit, however it has connotations of rock music)

Task 3

Apply music video theory (Goodwin)

Now annotate your images to indicate as many of the following as possible

Star Image (be sure to name the angle used)
Amplification (be sure to note the lyric/instrument used)
Illustration (be sure to note the lyric/instrument used)

Keep these in your class folder.

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